Elbit America advancing STEM, attending the Society of Women Engineers Conference

By Summer Richie

The world’s largest conference for women in engineering and technology is right around the corner. From Oct. 20-22, 2022 several Elbit America employees will attend the Society of Women Engineers Conference (SWE) in Houston, Texas. The conference will hold more than 200 sessions providing attendees with inspirational workshops, panels, keynotes and community building.

For 70 years, SWE’s mission has been dedicated to empowering women to achieve their full potential in STEM careers. Elbit America aims to protect and save American lives – something that would not be possible without the creative and innovative mindsets of the company’s women. Electro-Optical Engineer Maddie Nowaczyk said she is eager to attend her first SWE conference and become inspired by the expertise of other women in engineering.

“Conferences like SWE allow Elbit America to grow by showing us what else is out there in the technology and defense world,” Nowaczyk said. “Ultimately, we can bring back new ideas to fellow employees to help with current or future issues we may face. By attending these events and having a diverse company, our workforce can challenge others’ ways of thinking which will lead to more innovation and learning in the work place.”

Elbit America recognizes that women are highly under-represented in STEM fields and works to change this narrative every day by attending similar conferences – such as the Women In Defense 2022 National Conference this past September – and hiring diverse individuals.

Manufacturing Engineer Leann Downey said she is looking forward to attending SWE. She believes that what’s presented at such events needs to translate into actionable steps and changes among participants after the conferences conclude.

“The goal is to even the STEM playing field and change the standard so that male and female viewpoints are naturally held to the same regard,” Downey said. “A large portion of STEM is based around the concept of innovating and improving. Gender is irrelevant to passion and the pursuit of knowledge. Not having female representation would put any team at a disadvantage. If you are a woman interested in STEM, don’t let the male to female ratio in the field discourage you from pursuing it.”

The SWE conference will also have a virtual option if participants cannot make it in person to Houston. All attendees will be able to network with a multitude of individuals who share similar passions. Both men and women are encouraged to attend the SWE conference to build on STEM abilities and interact with like-minded individuals.

Senior Engineering Recruiter Brian Critelli will be attending the conference and said it is important to infuse our workforce with women in engineering positions because of their diverse thoughts, experiences, skills and abilities.

“Working in the defense industry or STEM environments are all avenues where women engineers can impact change by helping to develop products that answer some of Earth’s most pressing problems,” Critelli said. “We need women engineers that bring different perspectives on how to accomplish the tasks Elbit America is facing. Each women engineer will bring their unique energies and focus that will ultimately benefit the company.”

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