Elbit America’s empowered women attend 2022 Women In Defense National Conference

By Summer Richie

“Success in the New Normal” will be a leading point at the 2022 Women in Defense National Conference. As the nation shifts into a post-pandemic society, Elbit Systems of America (Elbit America) will bring a crew of talented women to the Sept. 27 conference to advance education on new techniques skills and abilities pertinent to the defense industry. The 2022 National Conference in Arlington, VA will bring together men and women with similar passions to collaborate, connect and learn together.

Women in Defense (WID) has a primal mission on empowering and encouraging women who currently or will eventually have a career in National Security. Elbit America – a leading and trusted provider of high-performance products and solutions in the defense, homeland security and commercial aviation markets – holds similar values as WID in creating a diverse workplace.

Elbit America is the Networking Sponsor of the conference and is eager to establish new connections and relationships with attendees. Senior Program Scheduler Alta Vann said she is looking forward to attending workshops and learning from many intelligent women at the WID conference.

“Women are noticeably underrepresented in the STEM workforce even though there is a variety of career opportunities in the industry,” Vann said. “I believe it is important for companies such as Elbit America to support their female employees. By supporting Women in Defense, they are supporting all women making a difference for companies in the defense industry.”

Elbit America will be proudly represented at the WID conference by Senior Project Engineering Manager, Kaitlin Frederick as she speaks on the Young Professionals Panel. Together the women on the panel will discuss their experiences in the workforce, how current insight could have changed how they prepared for their careers and how they will move forward within the industry.

“In order to continue advancing the defense industry, we have to be innovative,” Frederick said. “We can foster this culture by bringing people into the industry from different backgrounds with different ways of thinking. Women can help bring that to the table so we continue to innovate.”

Elbit America aims to protect and save American lives; through the company’s diverse workforce and multitude of unique ideas, that value gets expanded upon daily. Because of the creative and intelligent minds of the company’s women, company goals are continuously reached and surpassed. Director of Human Resources An Le said it’s important for defense companies to have strong talent while being engaged in national security.

“The more diversity the defense industry has the more we can maximize our innovative potential for our customer base,” Le said.  “That includes females, males, non-binary, every race, every level of experience, varied professional backgrounds and so on. Conferences like Women In Defense are a great opportunity to learn and share information, engage in career development opportunities, connect with Elbit America colleagues in attendance and meet other women within the industry.”

While it may seem daunting to join the defense industry as a woman, Frederick said it is important to stay confident and not get discouraged as learning a new industry is a years’ long process. The extensive amount of unique career opportunities within the industry provides a plethora of opportunities to grow and find your place.

“Find your passion in the industry - whether it’s through corporate, military or academia affiliation - and do your research,” Vann said. “Seek opportunities to engage and network with other women in the industry. I have been in this industry for more than 20 years and I am always learning something new. It’s always exciting to work in an industry where what we do makes a difference in so many lives.”

Elbit America is always looking for intelligent, diverse and talented individuals to join our team. Visit to view open positions today. For further information on WID and the upcoming conference, visit

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