Elbit America evolves into prime contractor to the U.S. Army

A trusted, agile prime contractor to the U.S. Army, providing innovative platforms, systems & solutions at scale

By Summer Richie

Elbit Systems of America has become a Tier 1 supplier to the United States Army in recent years, earning Prime Contractor status by supplying advanced night vision googles and mobile mortar systems to Soldiers. Elbit America is also poised to provide unmanned turrets for the U.S. Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program in partnership with BAE Systems, and the company is preparing to build mobile howitzers at its new facility in South Carolina once the service selects a solution.

“During the past three years, we have invested nearly $1 billion to grow our industrial capacity – building new labs and production facilities, hiring engineers, funding company research and development – focused toward a number of U.S. Army needs and priorities,” said Raanan Horowitz, President & CEO of Elbit Systems of America. “This investment will result in our ability to significantly contribute to the effort of building the Army of 2030, providing capabilities that enhance Soldier mobility, survivability and lethality.”

Elbit America’s contributions to Army modernization include:

  • Command Post Integrated Infrastructure (CPI2) – an armored, vehicle-mounted command post that replaces tent-based headquarters activities with a more mobile and therefore survivable solution amid modern, contested battlespaces;

  • Enhanced Night Vision Goggle - Binocular (ENVG-B) systems – advanced, high resolution night vision devices that provide a wider field of view, clearer sight using white rather than green phosphor, overlaid with augmented reality information to provide Soldiers with greater situational awareness;

  • Mobile Mortar Systems – 120mm mortar weapon systems carried in the cargo bed of various combat vehicles that can be more easily emplaced and stowed for greater lethality and “shoot and scoot” survivability;

  • The UT50 unmanned 50mm turret – the primary weapon of the OMFV, the turret includes active protective systems to counter incoming threats and a 360-degree remote vision system that provides the crew with greater situational awareness while still enjoying the protection of the vehicle’s combat armor;;

  • The ATMOS Iron Sabre – a 155mm truck-mounted mobile howitzer, Elbit America has established a new, modern production facility in North Charleston, South Carolina, to build a similar system called ROEM for the Israeli Army. Once operational early next year, this hot production line will put Elbit America in position to build mobile howitzers for the U.S. Army as well;

  • The MATR-X radar – a new, multimode/multi-mission advanced electronically scanned array (AESA) tactical radar - X-band (MATR-X) is a marvel of engineering that can simultaneously scan, identify, track and target thousands of low-altitude airborne targets including small drones, low flying manned aircraft, cruise missiles and other munitions. MATR-X will be integral to the development of next-generation air defenses and countermeasures to a range of emerging, more lethal threats to Soldiers, combat vehicles and other platforms; 
  • X-Sight Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) – a new HMD for Army aviators that is a significant improvement over similar systems flying today aboard Apache, Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters. X-Sight uses intuitive augmented reality and a wider field of view to give pilots greater situational awareness to improve lethality and survivability. X-Sight has been extensively evaluated by the Army and is likely to be adopted for to support future variants of the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) family of next-generation rotary wing combat aircraft.

All of these solutions were on display at the recent Association of the U.S. Army Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Washington, DC, which was attended by more than 30,000 people and with about 700 other companies exhibiting.

To learn more about the various solutions Elbit America showcased at the AUSA Annual Meeting & Expo, visit

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