Elbit America Engineer Receives Mentorship Award from INROADS

By Jacob Meyer, Communications Intern

Matt Boyer, an Algorithm and AI Engineer from Elbit America’s Orlando-based Advanced Capabilities Center, recently received the Business Mentor of the Year Award from INROADS. INROADS is a non-profit organization that focuses on creating opportunities for minority students and increasing diversity in corporate America. The organization is partnered with Elbit America and a variety of other companies including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Pepsi and more.

An Le, the Director of Human Resources at Elbit America, explained that internship needs are communicated to INROADS and the sponsor companies are then presented with qualified diverse students for placement with the goal of eventually gaining permanent, full-time employment after graduation.

Le said Elbit America’s sponsorship of INROADS, which began in January of 2021, was the result of conversations about inclusion and diversity within Elbit America and the Aerospace and Defense industry.

“Inclusion and diversity is a high priority at Elbit America because we know that more diversity is needed within our industry,” Le said. “Our employees make a huge impact on the work that we do and we want to ensure that our workplace is where all employees can feel free to be their authentic selves. There have also been social justice issues that have faced our communities and employees and it is important for us to do our part in effecting change. We looked at ways to make an impact within our organization and the community and we selected INROADS as an organization to sponsor.”      

Archit Jaiswal is a student and engineering intern at Elbit America. INROADS connected him with the internship, and he said the organization has been helpful in transitioning out of college and beginning a career.

“It’s a good organization and basically what it does is train you and give you a bridge from college life to corporate life,” Jaiswal said. “A lot of students don’t really have any experience with how things work in corporations.”

Jaiswal explained that INROADS provides seminars to learn from experienced professionals in the corporate world, as well as leadership training and other learning opportunities.

Boyer, who said the recognition came as a surprise, received the award for his time spent mentoring and working with Jaiswal, the one who nominated him.

Boyer’s mentoring is not a formal or necessarily intentional effort, but instead an organic part of their work together. Jaiswal reports to Boyer, and Boyer said he makes sure the people working under him have what they need and that he is available to assist and give advice.

Jaiswal and Boyer collaborate remotely across different Elbit America locations but Jaiswal said Boyer is always just a quick call or message away. He’s been helpful in resolving any issues that arise and gives Jaiswal ample opportunities to learn.

“He is a great person to work with,” Jaiswal said. “He basically lets you decide what you want to work on and gives you tasks which suit you or your interests. He can give you a task on a project that you wanted to learn, you’re good at or you’re comfortable with. He gives you more of an opportunity to learn something.”

Boyer said his own career has been assisted by impactful mentors who helped him along.

“I’ve always had important technical mentors,” Boyer said. “I started my career in 2005 at Lockheed Martin and the entire time I’ve been working I’ve always had really important mentors, people who taught me and formally mentored me, people who made me the engineer I am.”

Jaiswal has only been in his internship with Elbit America for a short time, but he’s looking forward to continuing his work with Boyer and the company.

Le said that the partnership with INROADS has been successful. The program has connected Elbit America with great interns and been a positive experience overall.

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