Hands-on work, valuable experiences: Elbit America interns are embedded throughout the enterprise

By Summer Richie

Elbit Systems of America (Elbit America), a leading homeland security, defense, commercial aviation and medical instrumentation company, is always looking for talented individuals to join the company. Throughout the year, Elbit America hires interns in multiple departments and facilities across the nation. These interns get the ability to learn from highly experienced and intelligent individuals while also given the chance to work hands-on in a corporate setting.

Many of Elbit America’s interns are active college students looking for experience in their field of study. Electrical Engineering Intern Katarina Nguyen said she enjoys working in a fast-paced corporate environment while still being a student.

“I have found myself, for the first time, thoroughly enjoying my job and working with my team here at Elbit America,” Nguyen said. “I believe that my manager is always finding ways to make sure I am working on new and exciting tasks while building my skills and knowledge. Being able to work at Elbit America has given me the hands-on experience I craved. I still have so much to learn before I graduate, but I feel like I have gained a lot of practice by lending a helping hand on various projects.”

On-site and remote Elbit America interns may get the opportunity to work in several departments. Ethics & Compliance Intern Hayden Hamilton said he can work in supply chain, manufacturing, project management and trade compliance all in one day. Hamilton also said he appreciates the creative flexibility as well as extensive insight into the industry that his Elbit America colleagues have offered throughout his internship.

“I’m getting a top-notch exposure to many facets of a corporate setting,” Hamilton said. “Everyone is willing to slow down and teach, so knowledge and wisdom pours out all over the hallway floors. The supervisors at Elbit America do a great job of allowing the freedom to explore and find the right fit for my career path.”

Flexibility of Elbit America internships would not be possible without the respective managers. Mentors for the interns are consistently making sure that Elbit America interns get the best experience possible. Supply Chain Manager Taylor Morin said he makes sure his interns understand how supply chain works as well as other areas they would like to get involved in.

“I was an intern before, [so] I always make sure Elbit America interns get the most out of their time before the ‘real world,’” Morin said. “Our interns get to come in to a great company at a pivotal part in their education and life. Interning at Elbit America prepares and helps get them a jump on what they may want to do for a career.”

For some Elbit America interns, this has not been their first internship experience. Supply Chain Intern Brendan Courtney said he had previously interned as an engineer with a different company, but his position with Elbit America has increased his attention to critical, fine details in a large company.

“As an intern I have been given many different tasks, and I have felt like a regular employee,” Courtney said. “Every day I am gaining more and more experience that will be useful, since it’s a real experience. Being able to be hands-on in a regular workflow as an intern is extremely valuable, and I get that experience at Elbit America.”

Interning at Elbit America provides a unique experience where interns are encouraged to speak up and contribute to the Elbit America family. Organizational Integrity Manager Bri Gunter said she grows as a professional by mentoring interns and hearing their fresh perspectives.

“Interns here are encouraged to advocate for themselves, ask questions, and jump-in on projects to provide solutions,” Gunter said. “With an environment that encourages exploration, our interns are better equipped to contribute to Elbit America and corporate life than most other programs. Having interns at our company ensures we continue to grow, seek solutions and stay on the cutting edge of best practice. As long as we have an internship program, we will remain innovative.”

Elbit America prides itself on creating valuable internships and career opportunities that will benefit all employees. Night Vision Manufacturing Engineering Intern Aaron Burns said he will carry the skills he has learned from the company throughout his entire professional career.

“My internship has been massively beneficial,” Burns said. “Getting this real-world experience from Elbit America and seeing what an actual engineer does day-to-day has been so much more important than sitting in a classroom.”

Elbit America is always looking for talented individuals to join the company. View available positions by visiting

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