America's Warfighters Benefit From Elbit America Innovation

Two Senior Advisors to Elbit America were interviewed in May 2022, describing why America's Warfighters benefit from the innovative solutions the company provides. Both noted the company's wide array of solutions that support Warfighters in all domains. 

Gen. Robert Neller, United States Marine Corps (Retired), was interviewed at Modern Day Marine (MDM) in Washington, D.C. The two-day event ran May 10-12, 2022, drawing more than 400 companies and thousands of service members. The MDM event is a key venue for defense companies to connect with Marines and demonstrate their capabilities. 

From the Elbit America booth in the MDM exhibit hall, Gen. Neller said the company is positioned to contribute to the United States Marine Corps because of its diverse portfolio, noting the company's Mobile All-Domain Operational Surveillance System (MA-DOSS), its night vision solutions, and more.

"I have confidence in their ability to provide good gear for the Warfighter and that's why I was excited about working with Elbit America," Neller said.

Just a few days later, the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) kicked-off in Tampa, Florida on May 16, 2022. This large conference & exhibition annually connects the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community with industry to collaborate on cutting-edge capabilities. There, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Tovo, United States Army (Retired), was on hand to speak with SOFIC TV about the company.

Standing between Elbit America's night vision kiosk and its adaptable 120mm mobile mortar system, SLING, Tovo expressed his trust in the company's innovation and its commitment to equip Operators with the very best. 

"They are committed to making the Operator successful on the battlefield, Tovo said. "They seek customer feedback, trying to make sure they meet the customer's needs to provide what he or she needs, not necessarily what Elbit [America] wants to produce." 

Elbit America is honored to have the insight of these two distinguished advisors on its team. To watch the interviews click the following links:

Gen. Robert Neller, United States Marine Corps (Retired) at Modern Day Marine 2022.

Lt. Gen. Kenneth Tovo, United States Army (Retired) at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2022. 


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