U.S. Special Forces Soldiers testing a new mortar system - SLING

The United States Army 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) created the news release below on Elbit America's SLING, a 120mm mobile mortar weapon system. It was distributed by the 3rd SFG (A) Dec. 15, 2022. 


U.S. Special Forces Soldiers testing a new mortar system - SLING

FORT BRAGG, N.C. – 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) began a partnership with Elbit Systems of America to develop, test, and field a new mortar systems platform for Special Operations Forces use across the globe.

The partnership is intended to strengthen the relationship between SOF and innovative defense industry leaders. Elbit America is the current provider of all 120mm Mortar Weapons Systems to the U.S. Army. These mortar systems are produced in Ft. Worth, Texas. The current research and development project has lasted two years and will soon modernize firepower capabilities on the battlefield.

Elbit America named the mortar systems platform “Sling” and is said to be in the final stages of development and testing. Sling is an adaptable 120 mm mortar system that provides massive firepower and lethality for small size wheeled vehicles (4x4) for the toughest missions in special operations. The system will allow for more mobile and versatile capabilities on the battlefield for combatant Commanders and other Leaders to consider when planning both defensive and offensive operations.

Soldiers of 3rd SFG(A) have tested the new weapons system in applicable scenarios and environments for approximately two years to ensure the Sling meets and surpasses the developer’s expectations for the revolutionary system.

The 3rd SFG(A) looks forward to developing this new partnership into a strong relationship for years to come.

For additional information from the 3rd SFG (A), please contact:
Capt. Nick Erickson
3d SFG (A) Public Affairs Officer
910-536-3073 / 910-806-3486

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