Push For a Cure: Elbit America employees raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

By Taylor Bargfrede, Communications Intern

During these unprecedented times, many things are changing, but one thing will never change: the passion that employees have for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Raising money for LLS has been an important part of working at Elbit America for many employees. A few employees from Talladega Operations are finding new ways to raise money this year.

Troy Beshears issued a push-up challenge he’s calling “Push for a Cure.” Troy challenged Talladega Operations employees to sign up for the contest and have people sponsor them for doing push-ups.

All of the proceeds raised will go to LLS. Participants will do as many push-ups as they can in five minutes without stopping. The more push-ups they do, the more money the sponsors will pay.

“During COVID-19, it has been challenging to raise money for LLS. We wanted to get people excited about raising money and do it in a new way,” said Troy. The contest was held this week.

Besides the motivation to raise money for LLS, participants had other reasons to commit to the contest. Christy Brocket said she accepted Troy’s challenge because she wants to support LLS and saw this as a way to push herself physically.

Kimbal Taylor, the oldest participant in the contest, said “When I was recruited, I could probably only do about 25 push-ups. I have been retired from the Army Reserve for over five years and thus, I haven’t done any push-ups since. I set a goal to do 50. Since then, I have been able to do 60 non-stop.”

Participants have been training for weeks to ensure they can do as many push-ups as possible. Troy has been using a laddering system where he increases by sets of 10 each time. The participants are excited for the competition and are looking forward to raising as much money as possible.

Even though our new normal has changed the way employees fundraise for LLS, Talladega Operations is showing us that nothing can stop determined employees from raising money for a great cause.

Will you join Elbit America in raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society? More information on how you can get involved is available here