KMC and Elbit Systems of America Announce Company Expansion

MERRIMACK, N.H. –  Sept. 28. 2021 – KMC Systems, a leading engineering design and manufacturing company focused on the creation of complex medical instrumentation, and the medical division of Elbit Systems of America (“Elbit America”), today announced its opening of a new corporate innovation center located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Elbit America’s corporate expansion to Cambridge is focused on creating a high-tech engineering design and innovation center as the company continues to expand its medical instrumentation capabilities into new markets including next generation sequencing and cell and gene therapy.

“The expansion of our offices to Cambridge puts KMC in a key location, being closer to our customer-base and keeping KMC on the pulse of emerging technologies and trends from our healthcare partners and industry leaders,” said Derek Kane, General Manager of KMC Systems. “Cambridge also gives us important access to top talent from nationally recognized, local education institutions.”

The new office space includes 10,000 square feet of work space designed for new engineering projects and an additional 50-60 Elbit America engineers. The space may also be leveraged for expanding Elbit America’s industry partnerships, including room for start-up companies looking for a Boston-based location to continue their innovative work.

“Elbit Systems of America is focused on driving disruptive technology across our entire organization,” said Raanan Horowitz, CEO of Elbit Systems of America. “Expansion of our New England operations is not only an investment in our medical division and emerging technology spaces, but also an investment in our continued support to our local academic institutions.”

“Elbit America and KMC are strategically planning for the future across both our defense and medical divisions,” said Scott Baum VP of Strategy and Growth, Elbit Systems of America. “We are expanding our physical footprint, expanding our technology and capabilities, and most importantly our growth allows us to continue to invest in and develop our employees.”

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