Showcasing Relevant and Affordable Solutions at the Army Aviation Association of America 2013 Annual Professional Forum and Exposition

FORT WORTH, TX, April 10, 2013 – Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., will present an array of cutting edge solutions designed to enhance the capabilities of the Aviation Soldier during the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) 2013 Annual Professional Forum and Exposition. The exhibition takes place at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas, April 10-12, 2013. Elbit Systems of America welcomes visitors to booth #1121 during exhibit hours.

Using demonstrations, video presentations, and product displays, Elbit Systems of America will depict the successful integration of systems available to empower the warfighter. Dedicated to those who contribute daily to the safety and security of our nation, Elbit Systems of America's innovative and affordable solutions offer soldiers the winning edge they deserve.

Supporting our Army Aviators, Elbit Systems of America will present the Large Area Display (LAD), the UH-60L Cockpit Digitization Solution, and Embedded Virtual Avionics. AAAA visitors to the Elbit Systems of America booth may also examine the new Apache Aviator Integrated Helmet and participate in a cockpit demonstration which includes a Helmet Display and Tracker System with Degraded Visual Environment symbology. Elbit Systems of America provides enhanced situational awareness for the Army Aviation fleet with increased reliability and maintainability.

Large Area Display (LAD)

Revolutionizing the functionality of cockpits, the LAD is a panoramic high-definition display measuring up to 22”. The LAD presents integrated high performance flight and mission graphics onto a wider, slimmer, single screen.

Embedded Virtual Avionics™

Embedded Virtual Avionics™ (EVA) transforms trainer aircraft into advanced virtual fighter aircraft and provides fighter aircraft with virtual air and ground adversaries while simultaneously lowering training costs. Pilots in the trainer aircraft see, operate, and experience functional weapon systems while operational fighter pilots train in challenging scenarios free from range, threat, and adversary aircraft scheduling constraints. EVA fills the large gap between trainer aircraft and mission oriented, weapon systems laden fighters. EVA requires minimal aircraft integration, limiting integration costs.

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