Elbit Systems of America to showcase its combat ready and combat proven solutions at Sea-Air-Space 2019

FORT WORTH, TEXAS May 2, 2019 – At the 2019 Sea-Air-Space Exposition, Elbit Systems of America will showcase technology for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, a suite of precision guided munitions and options for support and sustainment at the annual gathering of U.S. defense and aerospace companies, key military decision makers and service members. The Sea-Air-Space Exposition runs May 6-8, 2019 at the Gaylord National Convention Center at National Harbor, Maryland. Elbit Systems of America will be in booth 1401.

Capabilities that will be highlighted in Elbit Systems of America’s booth include:

Enhanced Situational Awareness:
Through the integration of leading technologies from across the Elbit Systems enterprise, we bring generationally advanced capabilities to the fight. Our advanced situational awareness and decision support solutions focus on all aspects of sensing, processing and displaying to provide fixed- and rotary-wing aviators the decisive edge in demanding operational missions.

  • Elbit Systems of America is developing the next generation of its digital night vision helmet mounted display that is intended for use on all Navy and Marine Corps vertical lift platforms. This technology combines a wide field of view, color, day and night capability that will deliver an order of magnitude increase in very low light acuity and will greatly improve situational awareness.
  • Open system architecture enables the seamless integration of computer-generated entities that leads to more effective mission training and rehearsal.
  • Advanced processing techniques and machine learning provide improved threat detection and decision support for enhanced combat effectiveness.
  • F/A-18 aviators can cue aircraft weapons and sensors in low-light and low-visibility environments through the Night Vision Cueing and Display System.
  • The Total Aircrew Solution (TACS) system provides crewmembers the ability to see each other’s line of sight, as well as where their crew-served weapons are aimed. This allows geo-referenced points-of-interest and/or targets to be instantly designated by any crewmember.

 Precision Guided Munitions:
The company’s small, lightweight precision munition seekers are highly accurate against stationary and high-speed moving targets. Semi-active laser seekers and sensors provide increased accuracy and flexibility and minimize potential for collateral damage. We will feature the Laser SDB-1, the Laser JDAM, the Hatchet and the Griffin at Sea-Air-Space 2019.

 Support and Sustainment:
The company offers contractor logistic support services and cockpit upgrades for commercial and military aircraft platforms. These include site and depot level maintenance, material management, engineering services, aircraft modifications and cockpit upgrades that sustain aircraft mission readiness.

Reporters interested in learning about these capabilities or interviewing representatives of Elbit Systems of America at the exhibition should contact:
Greg Caires
Communications Director
Elbit System of America
+1 (682) 286-2299 office
+1 (682) 800-9187 mobile


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