Elbit Systems of America to provide full motion video data link power amplifiers for the F-35 Lightning II

FORT WORTH, TEXAS February 28, 2020 – Elbit Systems of America was selected by Cubic Mission Solutions to design and develop the Full Motion Video Data Link (FMVDL) amplifier module for the communications suite of the F-35 Lighting II aircraft. The amplifier module is a critical component of increasing the aircraft’s advanced sensor suite by providing enhanced situational awareness to both airborne and ground forces. The F-35 FMVDL modules will be designed and manufactured at Elbit Systems of America in Fort Worth, Texas.

“This selection demonstrates Elbit America’s reputation as a leader in providing innovative airborne amplifiers for military tactical communications. Our F-35 full motion video amplifier modules provide the power behind the F-35’s integrated communication/data link system and enable warfighters to have full situational awareness, while boosting the 5th generation combat capability of the aircraft,” said Joel Friederich, Vice President of C4I & Homeland Security Solutions at Elbit Systems of America.


Building off its legacy of airborne amplifiers, Elbit Systems of America’s solutions significantly boosts power for the F-35 communication suite, while reducing the unit’s size. These aspects enhance the ability of the aircraft to send and receive critical information, thereby extending situational awareness from one aircraft to an entire network of warfighters, whether they’re airborne or providing ground operations.

To date, Elbit Systems of America has supplied a variety of components for the F-35, from the UHF/VHF power amplifier, to the panoramic cockpit displays, to the unprecedented F-35 Helmet Mounted Display System.

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