Elbit Systems of America Adding Sensor and AI Technology to the Border Wall to Enable Autonomous Operations

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, Aug. 24, 2020 – Elbit Systems of America has successfully integrated acoustic, vibration, and visual sensors with artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms into its TORCH® command & control/common operating picture software. This solution is now being deployed as part of CBP’s Border Wall System to provide an autonomous capability for U.S. Border Patrol to know when items of interest are trying to unlawfully cross into the United States. 

Elbit Systems of America has also integrated TORCH® with Sintela’s ONYX™ Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) system that senses acoustic and vibration activities, along with wide angle commercial cameras and machine learning algorithms, providing data into Elbit Systems of America’s TORCH® Command & Control (C2) system. The TORCH® C2 system is currently in use by Border Patrol as part of other technology systems deployed at the border.

TORCH® and ONYX are part of Elbit Systems of America’s Linear Ground Detection System (LGDS), which forms a comprehensive technology solution for the company’s Border Wall System, and also includes cameras, fault tolerant video networking, video manage system, data management system, and machine learning algorithms. This combination of technology forms an autonomous system that requires no agent-in-the-loop for a substantial portion of the USBP mission to detect, identify, and classify items of interest at the border. TORCH® is securely integrated with other CBP sensors and applications to correlate and fuse information for additional automation capabilities.

Elbit Systems of America’s LGDS integration with the TORCH® C2 system provides surveillance and threat detection of the physical infrastructure at the border to form CBP’s Border Wall System, providing an added layer of protection for America’s border.

“Aided by the automation and machine learning of TORCH®, Border Patrol Agents will be able to more safely and efficiently perform their national security duties,” said Joel Friederich, Elbit Systems of America’s Vice President for C4I and Homeland Security Systems.

Elbit Systems of America is the prime contractor for the Integrated Fixed Towers (IFT) program that provides more than 7,000 square miles of protection on the southern border with long-range surveillance technology. Through the company’s application of disciplined innovation, the IFT program success earned the company its reputation as an exceptional provider to CBP in wide area surveillance, cyber security, schedule, and overall system performance. Elbit Systems of America has also developed advanced mobile and relocatable systems with its innovative autonomous surveillance capabilities that give the Border Patrol greater operational flexibility and adaptability when protecting America’s borders. The company’s experience with all of these 21st century surveillance systems will greatly benefit the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Border Patrol as they construct the technology infrastructure integral to the Border Wall System.

Sintela Inc, based in Houston (part of the Sintela Group) is a global leader in advanced fiber sensing technology, delivering Elbit Systems of America the next generation distributed fiber sensing system capable of more than 62 miles of quantitative performance in the smallest, lowest power and lightest format. Sintela brings a wealth of experience working on largescale infrastructure projects in the U.S. and around the world.

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