Elbit Systems of America awarded approx. $50 million ID/IQ contract to support U.S. Army helicopter pilots

FORT WORTH, TEXAS October 7, 2020 – On behalf of the United States Army, the Defense Logistics Agency has awarded Elbit Systems of America a five-year firm-fixed price, indefinite delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with a maximum value of approximately $50 million for the production of spare parts in support of the Aviators’ Night Vision Imaging System/Head-Up Display system (ANVIS HUD). An initial order for $17.9 million was recently placed under this contract to be supplied until 2023.

The ANVIS HUD is Elbit Systems of America’s current day and night display that connects to the helmets of Army helicopter pilots. The system presents important information in front of the pilot’s eyes, such as altitude, speed and heading. The ANVIS HUD allows the pilot’s head to remain upright and looking out of the aircraft, with all applicable information presented before their eye, instead of looking down or inside the cockpit to view information from various sensors.

“Provisioning ANVIS HUD spares ensures U.S. Army pilots always have the equipment available to support aircraft readiness,” said Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO of Elbit Systems of America. “Our company has a long history of supplying the ANVIS HUD and we’re dedicated to continuing to supply these systems that aid performance, increase operator situational awareness, and ultimately Warfighter safety.”

Elbit Systems of America produces and sustains all of the U.S. Army’s helmet mounted displays in the UH-60, CH-47, and AH-64 fleets and recently won the Common Helmet Mounted Display program to begin upgrading the display on select U.S. Army airframes. Using these existing programs and investing in the future, we are focused on improving mission effectiveness with increased aircrew situational awareness. We understand our products remain key components of U.S. Army Aviation modernization for both the enduring fleet and the new Future Vertical Lift platforms. 

More information on Elbit Systems of America’s Airborne Solutions is available at

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