Elbit Systems of America and partners celebrate 500th delivery of night vision system

Fort Worth, Texas (Jan. 16, 2019) – Elbit Systems of America (ESA), with its partner, Collins Aerospace, New Hampshire State officials and customers, recently celebrated the delivery of the 500th Night Vision Cueing and Display (NVCD) unit to the Navy at the company’s Merrimack, New Hampshire facility.

Providing safety, increased situational awareness and lethality, the NVCD is a key component of the helmet worn by U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aviators operating at night. Since 2014, aviators have flown missions using the NVCD system.

According to Lt. Cmdr. Peter Zettel, who used the system while flying 18 combat missions over Syria and Iraq and banking more than 100 hours in the system, NVCD made him a better warfighter. The system ensured he could see through dark skies or inclement weather and it could provide him the added edge of locating targets that he could not easily see otherwise.

“The night is dangerous, said Zettel. “The NVCD gives back some of the visual cues that the night takes away.”

While aviators appreciate the systems’ advantages in flight, the program manager of Aircrew Systems at NAVAIR referred to the system as the “crown jewel” in his portfolio. Capt. David Padula noted the pivotal changes the system’s inspired since NVCD made its debut.

“We train our aviators differently – to fight differently – because of this capability. It provides me with a solution set that I deliver to our aviators that keeps them out of harm’s way. Not only aviators, but the ground forces,” said Padula. “You all need to take great pride in that.”

In addition, Padula and others sited the tremendous teamwork and innovation required to develop such a sophisticated capability as the NCVD system.

“As a group, we successfully met the Navy warfighter requirements and performed this effort in a safe, reliable and effective manner, said Mark Mol, co-general manager of Rockwell Collins ESA Vision Systems (RCEVS), a joint venture between Elbit Systems of America and key partner Collins Aerospace. “The program is benefiting today from the close working relationship and passionate dedication of many individuals working through the milestones of this program.”

The Night Vision Cueing and Display system is used by aviators flying the F/A-18 Super Hornet and the E/A-18G aircraft. The system is produced at Elbit Systems of America’s Merrimack facility. There, a wide range of products are produced that range from advanced electro-optics and avionics to medical instrumentation.

For more information on the capabilities Elbit Systems of America provides to U.S. warfighters and more, visit

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