Elbit Systems of America and Ogden Air Logistics Complex sign partnership agreement

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, December 11, 2014 – Ogden Air Logistis Complex (ALC) and Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, Ltd., recently signed a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Agreement defining how the two entities will collaborate during prospective contract opportunities to bring the best possible services and solutions to the warfighter.

Under a PPP, such as that signed by the ALC and Elbit Systems of America, the depot would have the opportunity to increase its workload and manpower while industry supplies Engineering Services and Spares creating a win-win situation for both private industry and the government agency.

“By entering in the PPP with Elbit Systems of America, we gain resources necessary to improve capabilities for our warfighter,” stated Michelle Hathaway, Chief, Strategic Partnering 00-ALC/ OBP. “Through the PPP, we are able to receive engineering data, quickly learn about advances in technology, gain or maintain certification levels, improve value engineering change proposals, strengthen training opportunities, provide direct labor and use existing facility infrastructure to support potential work in the areas of the F-16 Radar Systems, Head Up and Head Down displays, Helmet Mounted Displays, Depot/Contract Field Team Support, Software development and new capabilities for Laser Systems.”

“The partnership agreement affords us the opportunity to strengthen our alliance with the ALC while reducing cost to the taxpayers,” said Kelly Dameron, Vice President of Elbit Systems of America’s Airborne Solutions. “More importantly, by defining in advance certain contract requirements, we can rapidly deliver solutions to meet ALC’s logistical needs. We both bring our greatest assets to the table, and ultimately, to the military men and women in the field. This is team work at its finest."

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