Elbit America to contribute expertise and experience in AI, advanced electronics, and more

FORT WORTH, TEXAS OCT. 6, 2023 Elbit Systems of America (Elbit America) and LuftCar have entered into a cooperative agreement to advance a compelling advanced technology in the On-Demand Mobility (ODM) market to deliver modular Autonomous Air and Road Mobility (AARM) vehicles, providing customers the freedom to fly their road vehicle over long distances, using clean energy. This technology has both commercial and military applications.

 Elbit America brings its legacy of developing high-performance solutions used in a multitude of defense, aerospace, and homeland security applications to the partnership. The company’s expertise in advanced electronics, avionics, autonomous solutions, diagnostics, navigation, and displays will support further development of LuftCar vehicles. These vehicles and associated technology could be very beneficial to mission success in areas such as logistics, supply, and movement in the expected defense environment.

With a novel air and road airframe, and a flying forklift design, the LuftCar vehicles will deliver modular solutions with their electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) capability. The vehicles will also have hydrogen fuel cell powertrains and produce zero emissions.

LuftCar CEO Santh Sathya said, “LuftCar’s vision to combine air and road transport will provide an ideal platform for Elbit America to demonstrate their capabilities in the fast-growing autonomous vehicle market. We look forward to a meaningful partnership, creating defense and commercial opportunities for both companies, while serving the marketplace.”

“Elbit America is always looking to expand into promising new markets and to serve new customers with our unique and compelling solutions. Strategic partnerships are a key part of our growth strategy where we can combine expertise to better meet customers’ needs,” said Elbit America President and CEO Raanan Horowitz. “LuftCar has a bold and transformative vision with its multipurpose modular AARM eVTOL vehicles and we’re excited to help bring this vision to reality.”

Elbit America Vice President of Engineering Tiffany Nesbit has joined the LuftCar advisory board as a Technology Advisor. Nesbit brings experience in avionics and aviation system development to the partnership. She will contribute to the scaling up of LuftCar vehicle design, including advanced AI strategies.

“Elbit America and LuftCar aim to be on the forefront of green ODM, designing sophisticated AARM vehicles with eVOTL capability that will transport people where they need to go and commodities to the last mile delivery, Nesbit said. “On-Demand Mobility is an exciting trend that is pooling skills from a variety of disciplines to achieve solutions that will change the world.”

With a 30-year history of supplying the United States military with capabilities that support undersea warfare to airborne missions, the Elbit America team is enthusiastic to explore the benefits of autonomous, green vehicles to support Warfighters. By partnering with LuftCar, Elbit America can further research methods for reducing the numbers of crewed aircraft, while boosting the speed at which supplies can get to end-users on and off the battlefield.

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