Dennis Murphy to discuss the importance of Israeli Technology at the Oil and Gas Cyber Security Conference

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, June 17, 2014 – Dennis Murphy, of Elbit Systems of America, will participate in a panel discussion regarding the importance of Israeli Innovation and Technology in Cyber Security at the second annual Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Conference on June 18. The conference will be held at the Doubletree, Greenway Plaza, in Houston, Texas on June 16-18, 2014.

“The global prominence of Israel’s technology in the cyber security industry is increasing,” stated Murphy. According to Murphy, Israeli technology has advanced due to their rapid growth in the oil and gas upstream energy market. “Israel faces new cyber threats on a daily basis. This constant barrage of threats coupled with Israel’s new focus on oil and gas production has driven innovative solutions in the cyber security technology sector. The time is right to capitalize on this technology in the United States and throughout the globe,” Murphy commented.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Developing Holistic Preparedness for the Next Major CyberThreat.”

Murphy added, “Our parent company, Elbit Systems Ltd., is already providing solutions for other critical infrastructure high risk systems. Our FIDES system, which is a distributed automated whitelisting sensor technology, is a perfect example of a new solution designed to meet the cyber security needs. It is this need that drives our innovative solutions.”

Whitelisting versus blacklisting technology will be one of the areas of discussion during the conference. Whitelisting will protect the oil and gas industry by using deep packet inspection on dozens of SCADA protocols to validate “good” packets and provide customer protection against external threats, misconfigurations, and internal inefficiencies of their network.

“If a network engineer reconfigures a system inappropriately, our system immediately alerts critical infrastructure asset owners of the change,” commented Murphy. “Basically, our solution protects a company from both internal and external threats by validating the configuration in real-time.”

Another area of innovation from Elbit is an interactive training suite of products that brings trainees through threat scenarios using the same defensive tools and technologies they will be using at their companies. This cyber trainer suite has the ability to script a large selection of basic and complex attacks against an emulated network. The trainee is then responsible for defending the emulated network. This scenario based training allows the trainee to learn in a low-risk environment before being responsible for corporate assets in production.