June 20, 2023 — GRANT, Ala. — Kord Technologies [KBR] has developed FireFly, its first fully self-contained high energy laser weapon, and is currently showcasing the capability it described as a more cost-effective solution that can help inform prospective customers on concepts of operation for laser systems.

The company is now also working with Elbit America’s new multi-mission MATR-X radar for threat tracking capability, with Defense Daily recently seeing the two systems working in action ahead of a customer demo this week...
CLICK HERE to access the full article by Defense Daily Reporter Matthew Beinart. 

Watch this video to learn more about Elbit America's MATR-X Radar.MORE ON MATR-X:
Elbit America's MATR-X radar is an engineering marvel that can simultaneously scan, identify, track, and target thousands of low airborne targets including small drones, low flying manned aircraft, cruise missiles and other munitions. MATR-X is short for Multimode/multi-mission Advanced Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Tactical Radar - X-band.
  • Download a MATR-X datasheet here
  • Watch a short video on MATR-X here.

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