Accelerating innovation: Elbit Systems of America to demonstrate solutions perfected for the SOF operator

FORT WORTH, TEXAS May 16, 2019 – At Elbit Systems of America, innovation is what we do. Whether it’s capabilities we offer airborne platforms, sensors and fire control solutions or support & sustainment work, we strive to provide the United States Special Operations Forces advanced technology for any mission. A suite of ESA solutions will be on display at the annual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, May 20-23, 2019, at the Tampa Convention Center.

Examples of the capabilities to be featured in booth #1212 will be:

Airborne Solutions:
We leverage expertise from across the Elbit Systems enterprise to offer innovative solutions to provide enhanced situational awareness and lethality for SOF operators.

  • Precision-Guided Munitions: Elbit Systems of America is a premier supplier of laser seekers fitted for PGMs, such as the Laser Small Diameter Bomb, the Hatchet and Griffin. These small smart bombs are efficient and accurate. Laser-guided systems benefit SOF operators by tracking moving or stationary targets and this technology can operate in GPS-denied scenarios.
  • Advanced cockpit displays for the SOF C-130, terrain following/terrain avoidance radar capabilities and embedded training to enhance the aircraft’s operations.
  • Smart cockpit solutions for the CV-22 Osprey, the premiere tilt-rotor aircraft of the U.S. Special Operations Command,

    Sensors & Fire Control Solutions:
  • Electro Optics and Precision Targeting provides SOF operators with targeting solutions from our ARES family of systems, which includes the Common Laser Range Finder Integrated Capability and the Compact Laser Targeting Device.
  • Smart Soldier Systems: Our Smart Soldier Systems provide the building blocks for the hyper-enabled operator, combining augmented reality, innovative networking, lethality and situational awareness for operating units. The system includes SmartSight that provides see-through augmented reality symbology for most existing day and night weapon sights. Combined with a miniature weapon-mounted laser range finder, SmartSight allows target acquisition and hand-off between SOF operators with target visibility throughout the network.

    Support & Sustainment Solutions:
    Elbit Systems of America designs & develops, integrates and installs modernized components and systems into fixed and rotary wing aircraft, which guarantees capacities needed to accomplish any SOF mission.


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