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Environmental Initiatives by Site

To uphold our responsibility as stewards of the environment, we have initiatives across our operations to minimize our environmental impact. Explore how we’re shrinking our footprint.

Our Fort Worth and Merrimack operations have both completed various projects to improve energy efficiency through the installment of LED bulbs and more efficient HVAC units, and our Fort Worth site is ISO 14001 aligned. In addition to replacing over 300 traditional lightbulbs with LED bulbs, our Sparton DeLeon operations cut their water consumption after installing automatic valves throughout the facilities.

We are especially proud of our Night Vision site in Roanoke, VA, which has several environmental initiatives including water reduction through reclamation (saves 1.5M to 2.0M gallons of water annually), process improvement to reduce chemicals (various acids by 25%) in wastewater and energy reduction through the replacement of a chiller and its assets.

In 2021, Night Vision was tasked with reducing site-wide energy consumption and associated operating costs. This was taken on by Elbit America engineers and became the Green Belt Project at the University of Michigan. They found that implementing advancements in lighting technology and efficiency was the most cost-effective solution for energy conservation. The replacement of legacy fluorescent tube lighting to LED now allows the facility to enjoy energy consumption reduction of about 868,946 Kwh/year and maintenance cost savings of about $57,800 each year.