Promoting diversity and inclusion: Elbit America to participate in INROADS program

By: Taylor Bargfrede, Communications Intern

Elbit Systems of America is focusing on inclusion and diversity in its workforce. In partnering with the INROADS program, Elbit America is expanding its recruitment efforts and forming relationships with local colleges and universities.

The INROADS program is on a mission to diversify corporate America. The non-profit selects students from underrepresented populations and provides professional and leadership development, connecting them to internships at some of America’s top corporations. After their internships, the goal is for these individuals to be extended full-time job offers, benefiting the individual and diversifying workforces at major corporations.

INROADS was founded in 1970. The program teaches students professional skills including resume building, interviewing, financial management, and leadership. INROADS’ Corporate Partner portfolio now spans over 200 companies and 850 colleges/universities.

“We are excited to be partnering with the INROADS program. It’s a great way to further our inclusion and diversity efforts, while also recruiting new talent and building relationships with students, colleges and universities,” said An Le, Director of Human Resources and member of the Aerospace Industries Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Workforce Team.

As for Elbit America’s role with the program, the company will be donating to INROADS to fund the development of program participants. In turn, the program will send Elbit America interns that are likely to be hired for full-time positions after their internships.

The INROADS program is one way the company is working towards a more inclusive workforce and recruiting fresh talent.

“The INROADS program is a great way for us to diversify our workforce, while also reaching out to our community. We want to support high school and college students in their career aspirations and show that Elbit America is a great place to work,” said Le.

Another reason Elbit America is partnering with INROADS is Elbit America employee, Mike Wilson. Wilson is the Technical Lead to the CEO of Elbit America and an INROADS alum. He attributes much of his professional success to his time in the program.

“Most people don’t get to see exactly what their career path will look like while still in college. INROADS allowed me to set my career path early on and it provided me with professional development, exposure to corporate America and a network of people that I’m still connected with today,” said Wilson.

Throughout his time in the program, Mike found that his internship work was directly coinciding with his classwork. He even realized he wanted to transition from engineering to business with the help of the INROADS program.

“INROADS helped me enter the workforce feeling confident. We want to do the same for minority students coming through the program,” said Wilson.

While this partnership is just one piece of Elbit America’s diversity and inclusion efforts, working with INROADS will ensure that Elbit America continues to diversify its workforce and serve its community simultaneously.

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